One of the best free alternatives to Office is undoubtedly Google Docs. The Mountain View-based dev has a powerful text editor with nothing to envy Microsoft’s suite of office tools. Also, if you knowBest tricks for Google Docsyou will be able to get the most out of it.

We are talking about a text editor with millions of users who bet on this service every day for various reasons. To start, Google Docs is completely free, Thus, you will be able to enjoy this program without paying any fees.

Also, the team behind the development of this program never stops releasing updates to improve Google Docs. Functions like predictive typing that saves you a lot of time while typing.

Three excellent tricks for Google Docs

Without a doubt, the most complete program that is perfect for working. Also, if you know the best tricks for Google Docs, you will be able to get the most out of this office automation tool.

Use voice dictation

One of the most interesting features of Google Docs is, voice dictation Thanks to this tool, you will be able to type without having to press a key. You just need to enable the function and start dictating what you want.

This tool has its flaws but overall it works pretty well. You’ll have to review the text as it appears in case of any errors, but overall it’s a very useful function. To enable it, simply go to Tools and click on the “Voice typing” option.

Search and replace will save you a lot of time

Another of the most interesting functions of Google Docs is the “Find and replace” option. We are talking about a tool that changes any text in a matter of seconds.

Suppose you misspelled an English word several times. Simply put the misspelled word and replace it with the correct one. You will be surprised at its effectiveness. To access this tool you need to click on Edit and at the bottom is Find and Replace option.

Adding notes to a document in Google Docs

The last trick we’ll show you is especially useful if you’re sharing a document with others. More than anything, because you can leave little notes. To do this, all you have to do is Click the pencil button located in the upper right corner of the interface and select the Suggestions mode. Easier, impossible!

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