An artificial intelligence system has been created in Russia to assess the emotional state of students. The novelty was presented by the structure of Rostec – the results of the system can be used by the teacher to create an individual training plan.

The structure of Rostec presented an AI system to assess the emotional state of students

The system, which was created by Ruselectronics (part of Rostec), consists of a monitor with cameras, into which special software is integrated.

The student is evaluated and the system remembers his “appearance”, receives data on the psychophysical structure and mental state. The artificial intelligence-based system evaluates the impact of these parameters on the assimilation of the material.

Teachers can use the data obtained as a result of the system’s work to create an individual training program.

“Emotion Reading, IMRUI [система] it tells which material is more interesting, which content needs to be improved, which of the students needs help. Thanks to this, the master will be able to improve the quality of his work, ”said Oleg Yevtushenko, CEO of Rostec.

The teacher and the student access the personal account of the system through facial recognition. You can work on the system in the traditional way – keyboard and mouse – as well as through gestures.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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