For example, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey says he eats one meal a day, and Zappos founder Tony Shay follows a 26-day “alphabet diet” of eating only foods that begin with a certain letter.

Elizabeth Holmes, a well-known fraudster and founder of Theranos, who develops equipment for blood analysis, is interested in something similar. The refrigerator is almost empty. Instead, Holmes is used to sipping a simple mix of kale, celery, spinach, parsley, cucumber, and lettuce.

By 2020, the so-called dopamine fast has become popular in Silicon Valley – avoiding not just food but any form of entertainment, including music, eye contact, and playing Magic: The Gathering. Wired’s author calls this trend the shamanization of business people. Shamanization is more than strict restrictions. We’re talking meditation, psychedelic drugs, silent retreats, infrared heat lamps, and other pseudo-scientific tools.

Sociologists say there is a kind of cultural archetype that top entrepreneurs desire when doing all of the above. One Wired writer called him the “iPhone saint.”

Source: Ferra

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