Allegiance to the United States of America, although not widely used in the beginning What’s up? did not stand on behalf of the company. And that’s why they are now a different element and more and more users are using them. Well, it’s been known for a while that the app has been trying to change the way it knows if it’s news, and the moment of activation has come.

As published, this change has been enabled so users don’t have to access the tab. situation To be able to access published and unseen contacts we have on WhatsApp. Of course, this has happened in the trial version of iOS for now, so we are talking about a limited version. However, logically, in a few days at most, this can be expected to be available in both the Android version and the desktop version.

This is what the news looks like in WhatsApp states

It’s quite different from the previous one where you can see a point to find out what’s new in the Statuses tab. This was not very efficient because you didn’t know you had new options to visualize neither the accounts nor who… surprise effect many people didn’t like it (for example, I don’t like it at all). The company was aware of this and worked on it. change status and it also makes such content more visible on the first screen of the app: So it kills two birds with one stone.

New way to see what's new in WhatsApp status


Now, in the list of contacts you see in the WhatsApp interface, blue color circle this will be the person who shows that this person has news in America. Therefore, it gains presence and comfort for users. Of course, if someone has enabled not to view such content, the notification we are talking about will not appear. Undoubtedly, this better… but frankly, this will sound pretty familiar to a lot of people. TRUE.

It’s an inherited way of working… and it’s not new

Well, if you take into account that to view what someone has shared as a Status, you have to click on the icon representing their account, it’s pretty obvious what the process is like. currently available for Instagram Stories. So, what WhatsApp does is push things that are already running to the UI. And the truth is, it’s pretty positive.

The thing is, if you have a trial version iOS Now you can try the new way to find out if new Statuses are available by your connections. If you have Android, this will come shortly, and if everything goes as it should, in less than a month, this useful function will probably be for everyone in the stable version of WhatsApp.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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