This Wednesday (24), Claro has announced that it will make a delivery. discount feedback to your customers, a benefit reduction ICMS, Resulting from Supplementary Law No. 194/2022. The operator claims will fully transfer the amounts between September and November 2022 In states where the ICMS rate reduction applies.

According to the company, due to the complexity of ICMS outage adaptations in different states, it takes longer to switch to consumers. However, the action will be completed in the next few months.

“Initially, a reduction in the ICMS rate was applied as States adhered to the change. At this stage, the adjustment of systems has also begun to provide a review of prices with new rates. At the same time, the transfer process of the ICMS discount began”, Claro explained in an official note.

Transfers coming soon

On another point of the note, the operator says that since the action has already taken place since July, some customers have begun to receive the tax deduction – only in cases of less systemic complexity.

The company did not reveal a specific date, but stated that the refund will be made based on the consumer’s billing cycle. Anyway, the goal is to finish the transfers by November.

Source: Tec Mundo

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