Instagram is one of the main social networks nowadays and as such it has become a working tool for many people like artists, influencers and entrepreneurs who want to give their own business more visibility.

With this in mind, we brought 5 Instagram post tips, especially if you shake up the social network. Check it out below!

1. Show your product in an innovative way

A good technique to attract more attention to your products is to create innovative posts on Instagram. For example, you can photograph your new clothing collection in different settings, partner with other stores and even show the assembly/construction process of the items.

It should be noted that unlike a physical store, the consumer you intend to reach cannot touch, pick or hold the sold item before purchasing it.

Therefore, it is important that the user is behind the mobile phone. see as much detail as possible about the item being sold before buying, to feel more confident.

2. Share customer experiences

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Before making an online purchase, we often look at other people’s experiences to make sure it’s worth it. This is exactly why large e-commerce sites have a built-in rating system.

While it’s not possible to assign stars on Instagram, users tend to send compliments in the comments of posts, in a DM, or even on another digital service channel like WhatsApp.

When this happens, take the opportunity to share reports with followersshowing them that other people have already purchased the products and are satisfied.

However, in the case of a mobile phone screen printing, it is important not to forget to delete any personal information from the customer such as name, photo or phone number. Oh, and it’s worth asking if you can share the message, got it?

3. Use tools to create posts

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Another interesting tip for being more successful on Instagram is to use design tools to create your posts. For example, Canva has a number of ready-made arts that can be used by any user. Just create a free account on the platform.

Once on the site, choose whether to post to feed or stories to view all available templates. Additionally, it’s important that your profile maintains the same color palettes and similar fonts, with post frequency and a consistent visual identity.

4. Create tutorials


If your Instagram profile is about services, or if your product is versatile and can be used in different ways, it’s a good tip to bet on creating tutorials.

In the case of a language school, it is interesting to create content showing the best study techniques or even a step-by-step guide on how to access the institution’s portal. What do you say?

For a clothing store, it is possible to create videos that teach different ways to use a piece.

5. Create interactions in stories

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When using Instagram it is essential to think that we are on a social network, where people interact with each other all the time. That’s why it’s important to show that you’re open to criticism, praise, and even suggestions for improvement.

A good technique to show followers this openness is to use stories to add question boxes, polls, and quizzes. That way, you’ll also be able to know what you can improve to make your product/service even better!

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