By the end of this year, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development will create a registry of unacceptable cybersecurity violations. The list will be available to all organizations, but primarily government agencies, government agencies, and critical information infrastructure facilities.

The Ministry of Digital Development will create a registry of unacceptable cyber violations

The registry will first include scenarios that are dangerous for the IT sector, which companies “should not allow under any circumstances.” These threats need to be identified by the auditors together with the heads of the organizations being assessed, a source told Kommersant.

Companies will also have to determine which of the events may be characteristic of them and report it to the government. According to another interlocutor of the publication, after that they will monitor the absence of the appearance of such cybersecurity violations.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on additional information security measures in May, which applies to federal and regional executive authorities, state companies and funds, strategic and trunk companies, as well as “legal entities that are subjects of critical information infrastructure”.

In Russia, cybersecurity software has risen in price by 20% since March. Every fifth company faced price increases. By the next year, 84% of Russian companies intend to switch to home security tools: antivirus software, VPN gateways, WEB applications, database protection systems, etc.


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Source: RB

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