It seems that the debut of the new generation of gods is getting less and less MacBook Apple, as new Airs are expected to be launched in the course of 2022 and more. To date, the well-known insider has talked about everything Mark Gurman, although there was no shortage of information from various analysts anticipating the debut of the devices concerned. While we wait for news from the Cupertino giant, it turned out that we will apparently find ourselves in front of a complete redesign as far as the MacBook Air

In fact, it seems that the 2022 devices will present themselves with a screen with a slightly more elegant look, with Apple who in this case would like to change the cards compared to what has been done so far. It looks like there will be some features from the Pro models as well, although the Airs clearly have significant portability as their strong point thanks to their reduced weight and size.

As far as we know, a 13.6 inch mini LED display, and there will also be a big change as far as the keyboards are concerned, in this case mainly taken from what we saw with the MacBook Pro, with an all-white design and spaces between the letters. According to what we know, the new computers will provide the inside SoC M2 from Applewhich has been talked about for a long time, although it has not yet been officially announced by the company.

In this case, we have to face improvements in efficiency and power thanks to the new generation of proprietary devices of the Cupertino company. For the rest, it looks like a USB type-C and a Thunderbolt port will be in place, though there are also further entries below all the news yet to be confirmed.

Source: Lega Nerd

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