Specialists of the technical block of the Vimpelcom company have developed their own system “Mayak”.

Mayak is a system for collecting, analyzing and predicting the load of the transport network, which allows you to monitor and evaluate the utilization (load) of the entire transport network of PJSC VimpelCom in real time. Mayak also includes building usage trends, reconciling equipment port parameters and assessing the impact of overloaded interfaces on base stations.

the company explains

It allows you to quickly respond to traffic changes, predict network load and concentrate the work of engineers on problem areas of the transport network. It was written using Code Choice solutions: Postgresql, Python, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Zabbix.

There is full integration with the WorkFlow computer, thanks to which Mayak can automatically launch projects, controlling their execution. And also to show when this or that expansion of the network will be implemented and on which of the specialists it depends.

The system makes it possible to more precisely manage investments in the transport network, taking into account the large volume of traffic, analyzes and identifies low-loaded leased resources and channels in the transport network. This allows you to either eliminate the cost of renting them, or eliminate the possibility of failure.

If prompt attention is required from engineers, Mayak will automatically inform about it. He also manages network load forecasting in English. At present, the system coverage is 88% of urban networks and 100% of backbone networks.

Source: Iphones RU

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