1. without iPhone connectors.

Rumors that Apple could release a smartphone without any connectors have been circulating since last year. But it all sounds very likely.

  1. USB-C port instead of proprietary.

This is a more likely scenario. However, most likely, the USB-C port will appear on iPhone 15 smartphones.

  1. Folding smartphone.

Samsung has launched its fourth-generation foldable phones, and Apple has none. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo first predicted that the bendable iPhone could debut “as early as 2024”, but analysts now believe it will happen before 2025.

  1. Under screen camera.

Probably the “Explosion” and the truth will no longer be. But instead they will make a simple oval cut on the screen.

  1. Periscope.

The periscope camera will also likely only appear on the iPhone 15.

Source: Ferra

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