The developers of the video dating app “Filter off” gave an interview to Techcrunch, in which r. As it always says, any social platform that is gaining ground with r s s s s This was designed by the developers to protect against them with the help of AI.

The task of scammers is to ingratiate themselves with the kozovateyu and lure out money, for which it comes to them to chat in n n n. To counter fraudsters, the application developers intend to use the GPT-3 neural network, which is capable of texting and communicating on behalf of a living person. Other unnamed AI plausible picture that also introduces scammers into the room.

As it detects animal scammers among users, the app will temporarily redirect xncs There they can only communicate with AI-controlled bots and among themselves. According to Brian Weinreich, a top manager of the company, there are already more than 1,000 identified scammers on the channel, and sometimes it’s quite funny to watch them try to deceive a friend. Strategy in a new way, not this time, it looks like it worked like to swim.

Source: Tech Cult

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