Surprisingly, in recent days the security application Windows Defender Included in the latest versions of the Microsoft operating system, this one showed you a worrying message. This has to do with the Google Chrome app identifying it as a virus. Well, you can calm down because that’s not the case and what’s happening is there’s something wrong with the security tool we’re talking about.

This means that when running apps with a Chromium engine (which doesn’t happen with Edge using it) or Electron, Defender misunderstands what’s going on and sends the aforementioned message besides being annoying. scare more than one. We repeat: there is no problem with the security of the Google or Spotify browser, an application is also affected by this.

Meanwhile, the Windows security suite in some shocking cases for running applications mentioned above and even recommends users to uninstall them. Ignore this because it is not necessary.

A recurring error in Windows

Although the reason is completely different, since it is based on what is available Behavior: Win32/Hive.ZYthe protocol that gave rise to the warning, we must not forget that in 2011 Google’s browser has also been the subject of confusion by Windows Defender. Therefore, it is not the first time that a warning stating that Chrome is a virus is not caused by any danger, but by an error.

Using the Windows Defender application


Microsoft has already taken appropriate measures

When several affected users consulted the Redmond company forums and several experts confirmed that the problem was with the security suite and not the browser (this is often referred to as a false positive). The Windows developer himself got to work. fix what’s wrong and that users are not afraid of what is happening (we are talking about both the fear and discomfort of the appearance of the message in question).

And the company happened so fast, because it already exists eight fixes in Defender database which fixes everything i.e. if you download the corresponding update, version 1.373.1537.0 in the vehicle we are talking about, everything will go smoothly again. On the other hand, it is usual in Microsoft software that works perfectly on Windows. So, it’s not at all complicated to fix the mess we’re talking about.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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