The long-awaited function that allows you to edit messages excitement is a fact. It’s not for everyone yet, but many have already tried this option, so it’s not uncommon to see a post changed because the creator found things they didn’t like. Well, there was an unknown fact about the possibility we were talking about: How many times it can be edited.

This information is important because there may have been several errors in the message in question (or the published data, such as the price or price of a newly released phone, may not be clear at first). concert tickets). That’s why there aren’t a few people waiting for Twitter to give permission. make multiple changes… And fortunately, that’s how it will be.

How many times will Twitter allow a post to be edited?

Well, as you know, the company’s initial idea is to be pretty flexible with users. We say this because they can A message can be edited up to five timesWhat does that have to do with both the text and the associated multimedia content? Of course, one must not forget the restriction on the amount of time this will be allowed: 30 minutes. Therefore, apparently, it will be more important to be fast than accurate.

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In addition, it is also important to know that a history of changes will be kept, so for those who want to delete something out of place or offensive (yes, we mean trolls), this new option will not leave them. to know what you’re doing. Also, in messages are always visible if changedso everyone knows there are changes and you can examine everything more carefully if you wish.

Coming in print of messages

Well, it’s not something expected to happen soon. For starters, the first to benefit are the users who own the service. excitement blue (e.g. since it’s not in Spain, it greatly restricts places). Therefore, everything points to the fact that we have to wait until 2023, before almost all social network users can make changes to messages. But the important thing is that the intent and starting step are already set. given..

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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