Researchers at the Terasaki Institute in Los Angeles have developed and successfully tested a patch that heals open wounds when exposed to electricity. Developed by the name “Epathch”, it appears to be almost perfectly compatible with living things. In addition, the plastic turned out to be reusable and easily modified.

The main advantage of epatch is still in its use of electricity, but in conalksed It is a hydrogel covered with algae, with medicinal calcium and other elements, accurate balance The content of the substance maintains a high level of cholesterol, but does not stick to the wound, it is constantly a high content and a dielectric, therefore, it is inconvenient to turn off silver nanowire electrodes in it.

Another advantage of this hydrogel is that it is suitable for 3D printing, which is how various variations of the ePatch patch were implemented for experiments on rodents. In the course of the experiment, it was found that stimulation of the immune system accelerates wound healing three times – up to 7 days instead of 20. Decontamination of energy helped prevent wound festering.


Source: Tech Cult

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