A new week comes and with it, premieres in movies and series platforms online that will allow you to spend in the best way possible. As long as you have an account, we show you the most important thing to keep in mind and not to get lost among the most common options in Spain.

Almost all paid video streaming services have something new worth considering. However, as always, there are some options that stand out from the rest, such as the final installment in the series. Ozarks on Netflix or Baby From HBOMax.

The best premieres coming to Spain on video platforms

we leave you below list We offer you the trainings that you should consider in each of the cloud services operating in our country and attracting attention with their quality. This is what you need to keep in mind from this week. 25 April – 1 May both in TV series and movies (we recommend that you write what catches your attention on a calendar so you don’t miss anything).


28 April

7 Lives of Leah. A thriller that takes a young woman to the past who finds a corpse, awakening each life in a different way to escape the death she sees.

Samurai Bunny: The Usagi Chronicles. Animated fiction showing how a rabbit becomes a samurai with the help of his friends and an unbreakable will.

April 29

Ozarks. The final episode of this amazing series of intrigue and action, where the mafia accountant Marty tries his best to escape from him. Will he be able to survive the last civil war released?

Grace Frankie. The second half of the seventh episode of this comedy that continues the story of two women who meet to marry each other after their husbands divorced. So funny.

hbo max

April 25

Baby. The strange story of a little boy who accidentally entered the life of a 38-year-old woman tells how difficult it was for the latter to adjust to the new situation. A comedy with horror overtones.

barry. The third season of this series where the protagonist tries to leave his past behind because he is a murderer. The passion that drives him forward is none other than acting.

Mayans MC. The fourth installment of this biker gang where things take a turn for the worse due to internal disruption aimed at ending it with a fierce war.

gentleman jack. The second season of a series set in 1834, in which an enterprising woman revolutionizes the lives of her neighbors and tells how the protagonist solves everything that happened to her.

The second seasons of Made for Love and Pares y Nones will be added to the platform’s catalog on April 29.

Amazon Prime Video

April 29

not done. This is the second episode of the animated series where the protagonist retains the ability to travel through time, thereby enabling him to find out exactly what happened to his father.

Iosi, the repentant spy. This series tells the story of an Argentine spy who does not respect his name and wants to change for the future. All this will cost him dearly… possibly even his own life.

Clarice. The cop series where the protagonist is a part of the FBI and has to face some cases that will make him even rethink his job.

Other premieres on the platform are Bang Bagn Baby arriving on April 28, plus the following movies added:

  • Fly Me (April 28)
  • I Love America (April 29)


April 27

Ridley Road. The series tells the story of the 62 Movement, which aimed at the rise of the far right in London in the sixties.

big leap. The satire, which criticizes anything that has to do with reality quite harshly, shows that it is very common today.

Other premieres on the platform are Kuzco: An emperor at school, promises of sand, Grand Hotel, and Sketchbook: How to start drawing on April 27. Also, on the 29th comes Mickey House’s Wonderful Spring. The films are as follows (all in the twenty-ninth place):

  • To anywhere
  • crush
  • the hate you give


28 April

The President or the President’s Spouse. You will be able to learn everything about the first ladies of the White House in this series. This first season will tell the stories of Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, and Michelle Obama.

April 29

Venom 2: there will be carnage. A movie from the DC comics universe where, with a big dose of action, you can discover what happened to one of the most striking enemies to ever exist in the history of these visual creations. The reckoning is against Carnage.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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