Instagram continues to strive to show content from accounts you don’t follow. After detailing his plans to use artificial intelligence to display new posts on feedsthe platform has confirmed that it is testing new feature called “republish” (or “republish”). This, in particular, allows users to share a post that has previously appeared in their main feed or in discover from the search section so that it also appears to your followers. And yes, this is another feature copied from TikTok.

tik takIn fact, this feature has been rolling out for its users for several months now. If a person sees a video they like, they can share it directly within the app itself so that it appears in the For You section of both the users they follow and their followers. The Instagram feature is also very similar to retweets from Twitter.

That is, a user who re-publishes a post in an app owned by Meta will not only cause that content to appear in innings from his followers. It will also appear on your profile in a new section that will appear next to the post tabs., Coils or the one with marked photos. Of course, you will not be able to share posts from these personal accounts.

“We are exploring the possibility of posting to the feed, similar to how you can post to stories, so people can share what they love and get credit for their work. We plan to test this soon with the help of a small number of people.”

Instagram confirmed TechCrunch.

Share others’ posts in the Instagram feed, just like we could with Stories

The function is actually It’s not much different than what we can do with Instagram Stories.. The social network, recall, allows users to post images, videos or clips of other people in stories your profile. However, the main difference is that the story in which the post was posted disappears after 24 hours. Instead, the “republish” feature saves posts permanently.

It’s no doubt an interesting feature for discovering new content, but it doesn’t solve one of Instagram’s main problems. And that’s what innings main, where there should be only those posts from users we follow, they will continue to populate with images and videos from accounts we don’t interact with. Something that actually Instagram – we repeat – wants to keep promoting.

Source: Hiper Textual

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