new ones iPhone 14 Pro these are already a reality and they include things that are really different from previous generation Apple smartphones. An example of what we are saying is the processor inside A16is the evolutionary step towards what the Cupertino company has to do with SoCs. Well, the results of the first tests were known, and they are not particularly convincing.

The new processor of the terminals we mentioned adds a few options that are different on the iPhone 14, such as satellite connection or detecting accidents caused by car crashes. Therefore, very good things are expected from the component we are talking about in terms of performance and consumption. Thus, the single-use Pro version becomes more attractive to the user despite the high prices of these phones in Spain.

Internal structure of the Apple A16 processor


Initial tests of the A16 on the iPhone 14 Pro are not good

Taking into account some of the innovations that this SoC has, for example using technology for production four nanometersIncreasing the number of transistors it contains, it does not seem to offer the power expected from a new generation component for now.

Just as It was publishedSome results were obtained in the test. yield Geekbench, which shows that the scores obtained with the new A16 of the iPhone 14 Pro are not very relevant to the processor in the iPhone 13 Pro, according to the previous scores. the points achieved by the new model 1,879, while it remains at 1,730 in the old one. The same goes for working with more than one person. core: 4,664 by 4,700, respectively.

iPhone 14 Pro Performance Test Results

Ice Universe

The lifesaver is autonomy

Therefore, no noticeable progress will be noticed and surely more than one will wonder if this is confirmed. Is the iPhone 14 Pro worth buying or not? It remains to be seen whether the performance test is well tuned and moreover, the new A16 is targeted, as the company itself says. increase energy efficiencythis is 20% better than Apple itself.

Obviously, more specific details about the tests carried out by different media remain to be known, but the truth is that if the data provided is confirmed, there will be one more detail about the generalized disappointment with what is known. Your iPhone 14. great phones Undoubtedly, a little more is always expected from Apple… Especially with the price increase in these new generation smartphones in our country.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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