One of the most anticipated improvements Android Auto, is finally coming to this platform for use in cars, which Google itself announced a while ago. We are talking about automatic replies that are compatible with different applications that work with messages, such as Telegram or WhatsApp.

One of the biggest advantages with the new functionality of the operating system we are talking about is much more. simple and fast It is possible to reply to a message. This represents a very significant improvement over what Android Auto has offered so far, because the way there is to do it is, sound – and to save a reply to be sent later. Sometimes that meant submitting something with major errors in transcription.

How do smart replies work?

As promised by Google, this new Android Auto feature shows: few options to answer A message is sent in response to the message received and fully read by the voice assistant included in the operating system, while the text is already selected and therefore the corresponding number is selected. The recommendations are based on the original post as one is given. to artificial intelligence to do this (as in Android for phones, for example).

Smart response in Android Auto


It is important to note that despite the arrival of smart replies in Android Auto, the possibility of using personalized messages to reply to received remains. To do this and as you can see in the image we left before this paragraph, microphone shaped button which allows you to do this. In addition, there are other possibilities in the interface, such as allowing you to listen to the message again or configuring voice alerts when a message is received.

Who gets this new Android Auto development?

Currently only using the trial version of this operating system, especially 7.6 or higherHave the ability to use quick replies to respond to what comes to us from apps like WhatsApp, . It is important to note that the activation is done from. servers It’s from Google, so it’s non-linear and you might have to wait a bit if they’re not currently selected.

For all of this to reach end users, Google is expected to provide everything needed right now, given that in most cases it will depend on the automaker. only one month. I mean, it’s not that long.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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