one of the most frustrating things to happen Instagram from time to time you do not stop seeing content that someone has posted that is not particularly interesting to you. You may even have comments that you don’t like about the profile in question. The best way to prevent this is to blocksomething that can be achieved with the tools available in the app itself.

When you do this, the person in question won’t even be able to tag you if they don’t want to message you. well you won’t exist for him -As far as you know, you have an Instagram account-. If that’s exactly what you want to do with someone, we show you the steps you need to take to achieve it without having to work hard to achieve it. By the way, everything you do will be official, so there are no risks.

Block a profile you don’t like on Instagram

this simplicity The essence of the process is an existing thing, so it is not necessary to have a deep knowledge of the operating systems of the social network or mobile phones that we are talking about in order to achieve the best result when completing it. The list of actions to take is as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app on the mobile terminal you usually use. If necessary, you must enter your credentials to make sure it is your profile on the social network you manage.
  • Find the user you want to get rid of and once you have found him, click on the icon representing his account to access his profile, you will see his information and posts, among other things.
block an account on Instagram

Smart Life
  • Now use the icon with three vertical dots in the top right area and a drop down menu will appear at the bottom of the screen with different options. One of them is called Block and that’s what you should use.
  • A window opens where you need to confirm the action you are about to complete. If you do, you will be finished and from then on you will not know anything about the profile you blocked on Instagram.

As you can see, there are no complications to complete a blockade on this social network and you should know that if you do, none profiles The user on Instagram (or any new one you can create), they may bother you more. Therefore, we are talking about a tool that is the most effective.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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