One of the largest Russian developers of facial recognition systems, NtechLab, plans to open an office in Thailand at the end of the year to export its products to some countries in Southeast Asia.

Facial recognition systems developer NtechLab will open an office in Thailand – Kommersant

According to the Kommersant newspaper, NtechLab plans to expand its presence in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The source of the edition specified that the company formed a pool of partners of 20 suppliers in these countries. Currently, several pilots have been launched in the region, they are associated with the introduction of facial recognition systems.

NtechLab itself did not comment on this information.

NtechLab appeared in 2015, it was created by Artem Kukharenko and Alexander Kabakov. The Ruben Vardanyan Foundation is also among the co-owners.

The company’s revenue in 2021 exceeded one billion rubles, net profit amounted to 88 million rubles.

NtechLab has a platform for multi-object video analytics (FindFace Multi), which recognizes faces and silhouettes of people, a library with FindFace SDK solutions for video analytics, a builder to develop applications for smartphones with Ntech KYC biometric identification. The company’s products are in demand by large manufacturers of operating systems, as well as state institutions and authorities in Moscow and the region.


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Source: RB

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