Last Wednesday, September 28, the devastating Hurricane Ian hit the US state of Florida.

US President Joe Biden called Ian the “deadliest” hurricane ever recorded in Florida.

The damage from its consequences has not yet been established, but thanks to the drones, it is possible to assess the extent of the damage.

Thousands of houses destroyed and flooded

Flooded houses in Port Charlotte, Florida

Hurricane International flight to southwest Cuba, and then reached Florida, South and North Carolina. The main blow fell on Florida, first on the southern part, and then on the southwestern part.

The hurricane was accompanied by an increased level of water, a change in shape by the wind. maximum wind speed 250 km/h.

Storm surge has become a major problem. In the city of Naples, the first floors of many buildings and garages were flooded. The fire station was also completely flooded, resulting in damage to almost all equipment. An emergency room and helipad flooded at a hospital in north Napeel.

Much of the Sanibel Dam collapsed and was washed away during the storm, cutting off vehicle access to Sanibel Island and the city on it.

Destroyed houses near the pool in Fort Myers

Destroyed houses near the pool in Fort Myers

The city of Fort Myers is very heavily developed. Many houses and infrastructure are completely destroyed and flooded.

In addition, there are many wrecked cars and boats in the city. Some boats washed ashore right into residential buildings.

The exact death toll from Hurricane Ian is still unknown.

Ruined road on Sanibel Island

As of October 4th, The total death toll from Hurricane Ian is 90., 83 of which are in Florida. The exact number of dead has not yet been collected, because many of the rubble has not yet been dismantled. About 10 thousand people were considered missing.

Immediately after the end of the hurricane, all emergency services resumed work. American Cross Red Kazakhstan shelter and essentials.

At the same time, robberies and burglaries have increased in some regions. Warehouses with sports shoes and clothing were fenced off.

This is achieved by the fact that the administration of Lee County, which has a population of more than 750 thousand people, led a curfew.

So far, Southwest Florida has experienced power problems. About 2.5 million people were left without electricity.

As for the financial part, the exact amount of damage has not yet been established. But it is already known that it is in the range of 47 to 63 billion dollars. It is likely that these numbers will increase in the near future.

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