According to the results of a study on the relationship between physical skills and the onset of dementia, there are two possible signs in a person’s gait that may predict dementia.

WebMD notes that some people experience physical changes even before memory loss occurs. Scientists find that dementia development can speak slow walking and difficulty keeping balance. A study shows that people with these traits are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in the next six years.

Sometimes loss of balance can be a sign of an early stage of vascular dementia. The fact is that with senile dementia, the cerebellum, which is responsible for the movements of the body, is affected. For this reason, people have problems maintaining balance and in the early stages of this disease. Vascular dementia, unlike Alzheimer’s disease, develops due to insufficient oxygen supply to the cerebellum.

Also, some patients with vascular dementia complain of dizziness even before they have memory and thinking problems.

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Source: Ferra

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