There are many ways to customize the operating system. Android. Some create stunning background images that suit your taste, others change the colors or the icons you use. But there is another one that is often undervalued and very effective: change keyboard opens when you enter text.

Doing so allows us to use an enhancement that fits both the functionality and appearance of the keyboard. And in this latter case, you can give your Android phone or tablet a completely different look. Fortunately, a A lot It can be used for development by Google, so you can choose from many possibilities, from developed by the Mountain View company itself to developed by Microsoft.

By the way, to get the new keyboard, you just need to access the dedicated page for such apps in the store. game store (the official Android one). Here you will find possibilities of all kinds, many of which are free.

How do you change the keyboard you use on your Android?

take a lot easy, much more than you might think. Also, don’t hesitate for a moment because don’t risk your phone or tablet. Also, uninstalling the keyboard that doesn’t convince you is something that manages to remove the app in question. So there is no mystery. After downloading and installing the new one, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the Settings of the device for which you want to change the keyboard. You can use the circular gear icon in the apps list to do this.
  • Now look at the section called System, which can be in any location depending on the customization of the equipment used.
Change default keyboard on Android

Smart Life
  • You will enter a new screen where you have to click on Language and text input before you can see a list where you can choose the Default Keyboard. Press here.
  • A window appears with all the keyboards you have installed and now you have to select the one you want to use as new.
  • Agree and then you’re done and send a WhatsApp message and you’ll see how the change works and whether it fits what you want.

As you can see, everything is very intuitive and simple. That’s why customizing the use and design of your Android phone or tablet in this way is one way you should always take advantage of to always be happy with what you see on the screen.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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