A new service will appear in the Avito service to verify the authenticity of branded shoes and accessories by photo. Products that have passed such a check will receive a special “Original” badge, the company said.

Avito will launch a new service to authenticate branded shoes and accessories

The experts will analyze shoes and accessories from the luxury and mid-market segments. Each product will be checked by two to four specialists, and the procedure itself will take no more than a day.

The system will automatically determine the possibility of checking the goods after the advertisement is posted on the site, and sellers will receive notifications with the conditions of authentication.

The first time you can use the service for free, checking shoes will cost 349 rubles, and bags – 499 rubles. Avito noted that this is well below the average price in the clothing authentication industry. The cost of checking through the Entrupy application averages about two thousand rubles.

A special filter will also appear on the site, thanks to which buyers will be able to customize the search and select from the positions marked “Original”.

In addition, users of “Avito Delivery” will be sent a photo of the check, through which they will be able to verify the authenticity of the merchandise at the time of receipt. When placing an order through Avito Delivery, the payment will be frozen until the buyer confirms receipt. If the product does not suit you, the funds will be returned to the card.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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