The electric fryer has become an indispensable companion for those who want practicality in the kitchen. This portable device helps prepare a range of foods without the need to use oil, making the process less laborious and producing less dirt. It also benefits health as it reduces the fat content of foods prepared in the deep fryer.

For example, an Air Fryer 4L can also save money because it is possible. prepare large quantities eat at the same time. It’s also important to note that some models do more than just fry, but can bake, brown, and keep food warm.

think practicality Before purchasing this device, you should consider some important points. That’s why we’ve separated 4 models for you to know. Payment:

This Mondial Air Fryer has a number of features. make the day easier in the kitchen. The first is the square-shaped basket, which helps better placing the food and ensures that the entire set is evenly cooked or browned. The surface of the basket non-stickThis ensures that the food does not stick.

The maximum temperature reached by the product is 200 °C and the timer is set to 60 minutes. Although this Air Fryer has above-average capacity, its dimensions are small, which helps when transporting or storing.

Touch panel and graphite coating make this fryer a premium product

Sophistication sums up this Electrolux Air Fryer 4L very well; quite elegant appearance and different from other models in the category. The thing that immediately attracts attention in the product, touch panelwith temperature control and timer performed by simply touching the screen.

Another difference is 9 pre-programmed recipes, which makes it easy to choose the right option when preparing meals. This fryer also has a preheat function, helping the dish maintain the ideal temperature until mealtime.

Midea fryer has power above the market average

Ideal for those looking for a Midea electric fryer model compact and large capacity. Although this is also an Air Fryer 4L, the square shape of the basket holds more food and can prepare more food at once. The coating is remarkable. non-stickThe basket can even be placed in the dishwasher basket, which facilitates the cleaning of the product.

The design also attracts a lot of attention, especially because of its shape. A variety of colors are available for the model, all with a smooth finish for easy cleaning. According to Midea, the model has a higher power than the market average (1500 W), which contributes to faster food preparation.

This Philco Air Fryer is the most sophisticated design model on the list.

Widespread very tech look, this Philco Air Fryer 4L also has a high power (1500 W) to prepare recipes at higher speed. The body of this model is very compact, and the basket is higher than usual. This provides better heat distribution inside and helps food cook evenly.

The temperature selector (80 °C to 200 °C) and timer (up to 60 minutes) are located on the top of the product, with some labels showing the preparation time of some foods. The metallic finish of the product really sets it apart from its competitors in the market and best air fryer 2022 for those who seek refinement.

What do you think of the fryers we chose? Enjoy and compare in TecMundo Comparator.

Source: Tec Mundo

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