FAS acknowledged that telecoms operator MTS violated antitrust laws, the service said in a statement. The company set and maintained a “high monopoly price” for its services.

FAS accused MTS of “monopolistically high pricing” for services

According to the antitrust agency, in January 2022, the company increased the cost of cellular services for more than 28 million subscribers by an average of 9.5%, which was justified by an increase in operator costs.

Then, in August, September, and October 2022, MTS raised the price of these rate plans again.

“The general increase in tariffs amounted to more than 20%, while the level of the consumer price index at the end of August was 10.5%. At the same time, the operator did not provide sufficient evidence of its expenses to the agency,” the agency said in a statement.

On October 12, the FAS Commission found the operator guilty “of setting and maintaining a high monopoly price for its services.” Now the company must reduce the increased rates “to an economically justified level.” In addition, a fine will be imposed on MTS, its size will be determined later.


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Source: RB

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