The most well-known project currently offering internet via satellite is Elon Musk’s Starlink. But obviously this cake suits the palate of other companies. One of them has the ability to make things very difficult for the billionaire, because this is no other. Amazon announced the dates of its future plans in this regard.

His project, which he named Kuiper, has taken an important step as it is in the testing phase and still in its infancy. satellite launch necessary to provide its services. And that’s an important milestone, because it can be considered a starting signal for things to speed up (and beware, it’s late at the moment compared to the initial dates Amazon stated).

The first will be two Amazon prototypes

There are two that the company created by Jeff Bezos has announced will launch into low orbit (ranging from 590 to 630 kilometers and allowing Internet coverage). names Kuipersat-1 and Kuipersat-2, so the firm didn’t push his brain too hard in the beginning. And the idea is to set up test communications because we’re talking about small satellites that are about to be destroyed by re-entering the atmosphere after the tests are over. Meanwhile, it will last eleven minutesIn other words, we are talking about an important investment where everything should go smoothly.

United Launch Alliance rocket for Amazon


Once the received data on stability and communication are ready, the goal will be to start launching the final Amazon satellites shortly. get required constellation to cover almost any place you can think of. Of course it will be very interesting to see how the loopholes on Starlink, One Web and now Amazon’s products are distributed. Same thing, bad news will come one day if proper actions are not taken…but it will come out clear (and here it is).I came first“).

a surprise rocket

Among the known data is that the rocket used to finally put the test satellites into orbit will be from the company. United Launch Alliance (ULA), Vulcano or Atlas 5 type – but everything points to the first. In other words, the delay appears to have cost ABLSpace Systems the contract, the company that was originally chosen to collaborate with Amazon. Meanwhile, according to the data we have, everything is in production, so the timing of the task is critical right now.

Other known data about the Amazon project is that the project was scheduled at least at different times. 32 steps to build your constellationconsisting of nothing less than 3,236 satellites in 2027 Small size for starters. And they will probably be energetically self-sufficient. Therefore, it seems that providing coverage in this way to access the Internet at high speeds is something that will certainly become commonplace.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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