The good news: macOS native app experimentation comes true

If you are one of those who use version WhatsApp for macOS, of course there are some things you don’t like about current development. One of them, of course, is that you do not have access to the popular news in the trial version available on other platforms. Well, this is a finished thing.

This is great news as all the advancements have been launched to know how WhatsApp works before it reaches the trial version and this is something that cannot be enjoyed on iMacs or MacBooks. Finally, the company owned by Meta took the step of presenting it to users. But yes, needed a major change in everything software related worker. And this is something very relevant.

Changes in the new version of WhatsApp for macOS

As a result, everything is created natively for Apple’s operating system, so you have the modified and made-up web version used on the computers we’re talking about. It has been used in this way. apple catalyst It is a development platform for devices of the Cupertino company. And this is a great simplicity when it comes to porting work to other platforms like the iPad, which may be on its way to introducing the same new three-panel interface.

New version of WhatsApp for macOS


In this way, you gain access to WhatsApp testing options, as well as many more. an example one much more refined operation and operating system. And the other much less resources are consumed more than current and stable version. So, what happened with the development of Windows a long time ago happens. All in all, great news for those who own a messaging app client that they constantly use to communicate both with their acquaintances and for everything related to work.

How can I get this new version of WhatsApp?

While it hasn’t been officially announced, yes, it’s not particularly difficult to download this version to consider. not considered stable, so sometimes it may not work particularly well. Simply, you need to access this web page and download the corresponding setup using the resulting executable as usual. The thing is they wonderful news And the truth is, it’s been clear for a long time that WhatsApp has been much more active when it comes to offering improvements and more options to users.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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