Although the founder of Apple passed away in 2011, Steve Jobscontinues to be remembered and honored in many ways. Lately, The team recreated the sound with the help of artificial intelligence and interviewed it with the podcaster Joe Rogan.

Podcast series being developed by the company, with a deep sound technology that makes “digital clones” of sounds using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The team used several speeches from Jobs to understand and reproduce the digital version of your voice.

“We wanted to push the boundaries of what is possible today in next-generation speech synthesis. We wanted to create content that could inspire others to do the same, and no one inspires and influences the tech world more than Steve Jobs.” Explained by the team.

@omnis_vos_scio AI Podcast: Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs – 100% made by AI. P1 #ai #joerogan #stevejobs #aiartist #artificial intelligence ? The righteous wrath of an honorable man – Colin Stetson

In addition to Jobs’ voice, the transcript of the interview was also created by Artificial Intelligence.

Steve Jobs: Voice of Apple

While it may seem robotic at times, the creation is a perfect example of the power of deep sound. Sound generators from texts, rendering programs, transcriptions were used, among other technologies, to reproduce the near-perfect version of Jobs’ voice.

“For example, the Steve Jobs chapter has been trained on his biography and all of his records that we can find online so the AI ​​can bring him back to life properly,” the team adds.

Source: Tec Mundo

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