The whole world is looking for solutions that reduce the amount of garbage on the planet. Researchers from Osaka University of Japan have proposed a very interesting and original way of labeling products without the use of packaging materials. It respects the fixation of direct link QR codes on the product itself.

The technology, dubbed “interiqr”, involves the use of a 3D printer. With it, the scientists printed an unusual cookie: na o o o n n n n It contains data on the manufacturer, expiration dates and expiration dates, which can be taken into account when providing assistance. This test makes it clear that the rejection of packaging is now quite real.

Now the “interiqr” technology is only developing, and its use is limited. However, in the future it may become a mass. manufacturers can save a lot by changing the premise of their expensive labels, RFID price tags. Consumers, on the other hand, have their own advantage in the tick approach – advertising codes cannot be faked or transplanted.

Source: Tech Cult

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