The authors of the space solar power project “Space Solar Energy” of the California Institute of Technology announced the launch of the first experimental module in December this year. It is important for them not only to check his work, but also to understand in what orbit p will eventually be. For the geosynchronous orbit option, only 13 launches of rockets with cargo and one receiver on Earth are needed, for the medium orbit option – already 39 launches and at least five receivers. No, according to calculations, in the second case, the final cost of energy will be lower – hence the disagreement.

The project consists of three parts. The first one is devoted to the development of ultra-light photovoltaic cells, which are at least 100 times more efficient than the solar panels of the ISS and modern satellites. The second part is radio frequency disturbances with localization in the ground, as well as very light and scrotal Participants play an important role in forming the frame of the power plant in order to send arrays of panels and facades to an area of ​​9 km in space.

orbital electricity

It is reported that according to the results, all three tasks have already been solved. The basic objects are solar panels with a capacity of 10 square meters. cm and weigh only 2.8 grams, which fall out in modules of 60×60 m. They are mounted on supports weighing only 150 grams per 1 sq. m., which are automatically laid out using the principles of origami. elements had to rack their brains on how to pack everything very tightly to put them into orbit in the minimum number of launches – but they succeeded.

An interesting fact is that the project of a potential orbital power plant received a grant of $ 100 million from the president of the Irvine Company, Donald Brenn, under the terms of secrecy, back in 2013. And then, also secretly, another $17.5 million. by Northrop Grumman. Obviously, this project is of strategic importance and large corporations are interested in Germany. At the moment, the cost of the energy sent with it is estimated by cle ense. However, the implementation of the project has already led to a number of open and useful initiatives. inventions.

Source: Tech Cult

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