Evidently, Silent Hill: Townfall it would be nothing more than the first of a long line of projects destined to be part of some sort of Silent Hill: Anthology. To reveal it was the usual Twilight Golem who confirmed on Twitter that in reality Konami would have much more than a surprise in store for fans of the famous horror series.

There are actually even more Silent Hill games than have been announced. Silent Hill Townfall is part of a sort of Anthology for the series, but in reality only a first part of it. There are other indie developers working on something else.

The Silent Hill games that are part of the initiative Silent Hill Anthology have yet to be announced. I heard they chose indie developers from different parts of the world to give Silent Hill different cultural cuts. I am very interested in the whole project, I must tell you.

According to what was stated by Dusk Golem, Silent Hill: Anthology would therefore aim to be a real collection of Indie Experiences aimed at enriching the fascinating images of Silent Hill. Obviously we are reminding you that we are once again in the realm of indiscretions, so we invite you to take what is reported with a grain of salt.

Source: Lega Nerd

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