Amazon was fined for the first time in Russia for failing to remove prohibited content. The corporation’s Twitch service was also fined for an interview that discredited the Russian military.

Russian court fined Amazon for the first time under article on failing to remove prohibited content

The total amount of the fine for two parts of the article on the restriction of access to materials with prohibited information imposed on Amazon amounted to 4 million rubles, writes RBC.

According to TASS, a fine was imposed for refusing to remove photos depicting methods of suicide from an Amazon-related social network. It is specified that Roskomnadzor has repeatedly demanded that Amazon remove the images.

Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch was also fined. The company was fined 8 million rubles for interviews with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities that contained information discrediting the Russian armed forces.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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