Russians have become more interested in organic household products for body and hair care made from local ingredients. Since January, the proportion of purchases of Russian cosmetics increased from 23% to 30%. The average check for the purchase amounted to 330 rubles.

Russians began to buy domestic brand cosmetics 30% more often.

The proportion of purchases of foreign cosmetics remains high – 70%, the average check for cosmetics of foreign brands is 463 rubles, TASS reported, citing a study by the Russian Standard Bank.

The situation is similar with purchases of household chemicals. The share of cash income from the beginning of the year is also in favor of foreign detergents for washing or cleaning the house – 70% to 30% Russian. The average check for buying foreign brands is 630 rubles, Russian – 607 rubles.

Against the background of the departure of the British network Lush from Russia, the co-owner of its Russian division, Dmitry Azarov, decided to launch his own brand of cosmetics Relish. The products will be manufactured in the Moscow region.

Also adapting to the new conditions is the Russian perfumery and cosmetics network Ile de Bote, which resumed its work at the Sephora outlet site on October 10. The sign in the Aviapark shopping center has already been changed, the rebranding of other stores is planned to be completed by January 2023.


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Source: RB

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