Amphibious all-terrain vehicle “Shaman”

At the assembled Avito site, an advertisement was bought in which you can purchase the discovered eight-wheeled all-terrain vehicle with the name Shaman for 15.5 million rubles – by analogy with the Roscosmos transport team, which is among the meetings of the returning cosmonauts.

The all-terrain vehicle captures the quick reception of the arrived astronauts even in the event of emergency conditions and phenomena – for example, in the event of an unplanned “landing” of the called capsule in a reservoir. At the same time, the interior of the transport has designed lines with a combination of the possibility of accommodating in n from support and the need for dodogalk.

Amphibious all-terrain vehicle Amphibious all-terrain vehicle “Shaman”

It should be noted that the “Shaman” initially even became a hero in one of the issues of the prestigious Top Gear promo. In fact, this is an amphibious all-terrain vehicle that moves both on land and on the water surface – in the second case, the maximum speed of movement is 7 km / h. What is curious, all the wheels are driven by rotation, which absorbs the ability to move sideways bb

“Shaman” can carry up to 1.5 tons of cargo, the overall dimensions of the all-terrain vehicle hang St. Petersburg.

Source: Tech Cult

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