Recently, Meta has been putting all the fire on the grill so that WhatsApp is more functional than ever. We recently talked about the arrival of a new feature that will allow you to add more information while sending you photos, videos and more. And now, the company has just announced The arrival of communities on WhatsApp.

Currently, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform, but Telegram is a competitor to consider. And that’s one of the reasons The service Meta has does not stop receiving updates.

And now, with the advent communitiesWhatsApp has been updated with a number of very notable new features.

Here is the news coming to WhatsApp

Related New features coming to WhatsAppAs reported by The Verge, we have new polls that will allow us to better organize ourselves with our friends in chat on the one hand. For example, you could do a survey to find out when is the best time to meet for a barbecue.

On the other hand, video calls take a new leap in quality to get even closer to Telegram. Like this, WhatsApp now lets you video call up to 32 participants. A very interesting option that makes the instant messaging platform more complete.

Continuing with all the news coming to the platform, WhatsApp groups can now be bigger than ever. In fact WhatsApp will let you create groups of up to 1024 usersWhile they’ve been limited to 512 participants so far, they’ve doubled the amount.

On the other hand, now users can be grouped as: communities, some new batches of all kinds of themes. Yes, it is now possible to set up your own forum within WhatsApp. The idea of ​​these WhatsApp Communities is to offer the user the opportunity to participate in any conversation that may be of interest to them. Whether you have a Community set up at your children’s school or are part of a community of role-players, you won’t be short of options.

Also, for the process Creating a Community on WhatsApp is super simple: you will only need to choose a name, a description of your community, and the groups that can enter.

Saying from the platform that they have announced that the distribution of these new tools is global so it will take a few days for them to reach all users. Although Communities don’t appear to be available at the moment, WhatsApp will send a notification when they are available.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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