Boeing X-37B

China continues the economic activities of its space program. So, on August 4, the Long March 2F launch vehicle launched an unknown spacecraft into orbit, from which another no less mysterious object separated 4 months later, which is now in the display pocket from it.

Everything related to the mysterious apparatus is hidden in the Celestial veil of secrecy. Specialists of the 18th Squadron of the US Space Forces. According to astronomer-researcher Jonathan McDowell, we can talk about “a service module with which the launch of an orbital object can be launched.”

Apparently, this is a Chinese version of the “shuttle”, reminiscent of the American reusable Boeing X-37B (pictured above), also participating in a secret military program and now on its sixth flight.

Nothing is known about the time of the spaceplane’s return to earth. Dnako actively talks with the couple future.

Source: Tech Cult

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