At around 6 pm on July 12, 2022, the final documents were signed at the 76th Notary public office in Bogota. The bars were lowered, computers were shut down, and doors were shut. Everyone went to see his family, except for the general directorate notary. He stayed ahead of his work and unknowingly, He waited for the moment when death summoned him to look him in the eye for the last time.

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At 8:30 a.m. that same day, the cries of an old woman lifted the pipes of the station in quadrant seven of Engativá. They killed him, they killed him… They killed a man in the street! Sirens sounded and officers went to the announced crime scene.

Where there was no drama, everything seemed to have been resolved almost perfectly, the notaries were not forced, there were no signs of fighting, the daily life of the region was proceeding in its normal course; but on the floor of Boyacá Street and 49A Street lay the lifeless body of a man and the story of a death that preceded another similar tragedy.

perfect. Because, as if by coincidence, a number of factors seem to have come together, almost imperceptibly, almost impossible, with a hit that night to the 76th notary of Bogota, José Francisco Varona. to determine. guess.

There was so much noise on that busy street in Bogota, a hustle and bustle trying to fill all the remaining spaces of silence after hearing the cartridges explode. They say it’s a motorcycle with two men passing at high speed. Some claim they popped up out of nowhere, found Varona, aimed at him in the head, shot him, and moved on. All in a few seconds.

However, it was not. This was no accident. They kept Varona under surveillance, knowing every move and every step he would take of the night before they killed him. His death was calculated and planned in millimeters, so that three months ago, his brother Andrés Felipe was already the bearer of the first notice. He was also killed at the same place.

Everything was ready that night. It was only a matter of time before Notary Varona danced to death for a few seconds before unleashing him with a close-range shot in front of a bar in the Normandy area, a few blocks from where he was working. There, presumably, the patron saint of finals would pre-select the music to accompany the man’s dying breath, and unfortunately, with beer in hand, the audience would have to see that deadline.

Varona’s death wasn’t given much thought, as the Life Unit investigating the murder knew it was also related to his brother’s death, and it was related to the deaths of both. They could have been completed in the name of irregular segregation of land being sold in the salitre sector.
​ ​
According to witnesses in the case, this story could have started as early as 2015, a year before Varona arrived at Notary 76. At that time, the decoupling of part of the Cuandinamarca department would take place, and billionaire José Joaquín had been gone since 1937. Vargas.

But behind this simple glitch may be a forgery and corruption in a public document; because this property was designed for the ministry’s charitable purposes and housed a shelter for vulnerable children and youth.

Varona became aware of the situation and began to question what had happened to the land and some illegal land sales since 2015 that had worried her days before her death.

The inspector refused to speak, but pointed out that there were people behind the deaths who had too much power, enough money and guns to claim that they believed it was theirs in any way. It was. Varonas was killed for a bad deal and served as the prelude to two deaths, as heard in the bar’s crowd: “For sticking their noses where they shouldn’t.”

Varona’s body was left at the entrance of the bar. That night, the notary wore an elegant black suit, dark patent leather shoes, a white shirt, and a colorful tie, befitting the appointment that awaited him. The blood on his head was not as scandalous as his death, which no one had seen or heard of. The blood mingled with the dark fibers of the dress, and he barely made it to the cold pavement that greeted him.

The notary’s murder was the opposite of his brother’s. Andrés Felipe was killed in broad daylight and in the presence of his secretary.

History was repeating itself…

At around 6 pm on March 29, 2022, the final cases were reviewed at the law firm of Andrés Felipe Varona. The bars were lowered, computers were shut down, and doors were shut. Everyone went to see their families, except Andrés and his secretary. With death he was left to wait for an appointment that had been agreed months or even years ago.

It was unbelievable what happened to Andrés, even his assistant, who was the only one in the office, didn’t realize that his boss had been killed behind his back. That afternoon, video cameras recorded a man acting secretly and unannounced outside his notary brother’s office. The man suddenly came in and detonated a gun on Andrés. I kill him. But nobody saw. There were no witnesses, only the intangible trace of lurking death.

If the footage of the security cameras were put together, it would be possible to see the turning point of the story, the transformation of the character, in one sequence shot…

It was recorded how an unsuspecting man was a cold-blooded murderer. A subject who takes his gun out of its holster with the silencer he carries on his back and finds his victim in seconds. He shot him in the head without a word, three months later between his eyebrows, where a bullet entered Bogota’s 76th notary public.

It looked like a scene from an action movie. It only took a very short time for the killer to detonate his weapon. A secretary could see the truth, but reaffirmed that she saw nothing. He had seen or heard so little that the murderer walked out the door satisfied with what he had done, walked the entire pavement of Boyacá Boulevard, got into a car and She left Andrés, remembering the moment she took her last breath..

The secretary called the police but there was nothing to do, no killers or guns to track down. There were no more clues; just the statement of the woman who said she didn’t notice anything, and the corpse of a lawyer who was quietly murdered in his own office within a few meters of his brother working at the notary.


Source: Exame

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