With a press release, theCustoms Agency and Monopolies disputed the reconstructions published in recent days by the Italian press regarding the alleged closure of all LAN rooms and Export Italian. “It’s unfounded news,” the agency thundered.

The agency denies that it has locked down all Italian LAN rooms, i.e. rooms equipped with computers and game consoles, which users can rent to play their favorite video games. The preliminary closure measures, the agency explains, would have been taken only against a limited number of non-compliant companies.

But not only that: they would be only four exercises were checked Police. Of these, one would have been perfectly compliant – such as in possession of the necessary administrative documentation – while the other three were not in possession of the required permits or licenses, and thus a declaration of administrative seizure

“In the other three cases,” the press release continues, “the ADM has instead prepared administrative seizure reports under Act 689/81, for the equipment intended for gambling, without any authorization, license, non-constitutive concession, license or no impediment document, however called “.

No general seizure, nor an ax on the industry or a regulatory vacuum that would make it impossible to operate a LAN space in accordance with the law. “All industry events, including themed fairs and gaming in the LAN areas themselves, will not be harmed in any way if conducted in accordance with industry rules.”

Source: Lega Nerd

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