These Amazon Echo speakers have dropped their prices on Black Friday

The best way to start building a smart home is to buy an Echo.

These Amazon Echo speakers have dropped their prices on Black Friday
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Black Friday comes to Amazon (earlier than usual) and it does so by lowering the price of its top selling devices this year, the Echo speakers. It looks like they want to get rid of all their stock of various smart speaker generations, including new ones. outgoing prices From 17.99 to 59.99 Euros.

Any of these are great options for building your own smart home, controlling your other devices via WiFi, and traveling to the near future. I have 5 speakers I echo Dot 4 at home and couldn’t be happier, it’s true that I have many other smart devices connected to Amazon Alexa so I can control them with my voice and schedule them whenever I want. Don’t be left without your Echo this time.

Black Friday sales on echo speakers

echo point 5

This is one of the best value-for-money smart speakers on the market.

All Echo speakers are discounted this Black Friday, some historical low and others add very interesting gifts to the purchase. Without a doubt the most successful purchase in my opinion echo 4th generation, which is great, because the power and sound quality are on another level. We can also get it for the same price Philips Hue bulb With E27 socket and integrated WiFi.

Echo (4th generation) + Philips Hue bulb

  • echo point 3 with 49.99 17,99€.
  • clock echo point 5 with 69.99 39.99 €.
  • Echo Dot 5 + 2 Philips Hue bulbs with 94.98 34.99 €.
  • echo point 5 with 59.99 €24.99.
  • Echo Dot 3 + Ring Video Doorbell with 109.98 39.99 €.
  • Echo Dot 5 + Meross smart plug with 78.98 29.99 €.

Whichever package or speaker you choose, you will a great purchase. Once you start adding Echo speakers to your home, you won’t be able to give up, I tell you from my experience. You can enjoy Amazon Music with them. 100 million music tracks ad-free, listen to some podcasts, the radio and best of all check your home. There is also the possibility to use it as an intercom to talk from another place. Don’t hesitate then units fly.

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