DNS, Citilink, Yandex.Market, and Wildberries began selling developer versions of Windows to regular users on DNS sites. When buying such a key, buyers are not asked for documents on whether they are licensed computer assembly specialists.

In Russia, it began selling Windows for Developers to ordinary users.

The developer version is typically up to 30% cheaper than the boxed version, but can be difficult to use in the future: cannot be transferred to another device, cannot be transferred by the user to another person, cannot be downgraded with it: Downgrade software, and they’re often in English, too, Izvestia discovered.

According to Olga Chebunina, R-Style Softlab’s General Director of Strategy and Development, there are three types of licences: OEM, FPP and ESD. The first is for installation by hardware manufacturers, the second is for the sale of copies of operating systems on physical media, and the last is for digital licenses.

By purchasing an OEM version of the Windows operating system, the user does not actually acquire the right to use a copy of the software, but only a technical key for activation.

Lawyers called this a serious violation of the license agreement, and the interviewed experts added that such a version of the operating system is “sticked” to the components of the device and it will not be possible to transfer it to a new device in the future. .

Citilink was told by DNS support that they do not ask buyers for any additional information when selling software. On Wildberries and Yandex.Market, the OS can also be put in the basket and paid without any confirmation.

The Wildberries press service reported that the licensee did not request a violation of its rights, and if this happens, the products will be immediately withdrawn from sale. Representatives of “Yandex.Market” refused to comment, the DNS did not respond to the publication’s request.

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In September, Microsoft limited access to the Windows operating system update for Russians. Users cannot upgrade Windows 10 PCs to Windows 11.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin ordered the Ministry of Digital Development to prepare a project on the use of predominantly home software by November 2022.

At the same time, the government previously noted that until there are competitive analogues in the country, the use of existing foreign software will continue.


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Source: RB

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