Google’s first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, made its official debut on Tuesday (27), but the company has barely been able to celebrate its launch and will already have to cover some of the product’s warranties. Just a day after the Pixel Fold’s arrival, reports of various issues with its display began appearing, including its complete failure.

Probably the most striking example is that of Ron Amadeo, a journalist for the website. Ars Teknik. It got a Pixel Fold just before the foldable’s debut, but with just four days of use, the OLED screen “died”. Amadeo shared a post on the site with a comprehensive explanation of what he thinks might have happened.

In short, there seems to be a small gap between the edge and the OLED panel where some dust or dirt residue can enter. The folding of the cell puts pressure on this speck that may have entered the screen and may have finished distorting the screen.

Various screen issues

A user on Reddit commented on the post on the site in full, noting that in the area Amadeo showed in the post, he could see very minor grooves and imperfections between the edge and the screen protector.

check your floor
By u/crazymojo83 at PixelFold

Another person on the forum says that after the Pixel Fold was only held for five hours, scratches began to appear on the screen shown above. A third user reports a persistent pink line on the OLED panel.

These are the people who enjoy the mobile phone and trigger the warranty to buy a new one, so we hardly give any examples of people who invent it just to criticize. This is expected to be the case for the first batch of hastily produced products that turn out to be defective. The worst case scenario would be a design flaw in the mobile phone.

Google replied Border On the subject, I’m telling any user who encounters the issue just to trigger the product’s warranty.

Source: Tec Mundo

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