Some people are closer to motorcycles, while others are just crazy about riding snowmobiles. But there are those who are not averse to having both the first and the second in their garage. Now there is a Combat ebike code from Daymak, “my choice” is scanned – after all, this buy is just under s s

Daymak combat electric bike

The motorcycle is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 19 hp, which is equipped with a quick-detachable lithium battery with a capacity of 4800 Wh. The energy reserve is enough to drive about 80 km on a single charge. If the activity decreases with speed, the range increases. The Combat comes with both wheels and tracks, and the process of re-equipping the story is self-guided.

Daymak combat electric bike

This transport only travels in verolleys, but it can also be pre-ordered so that it can be sold that day for $ 1,000. The first 100 series of Founders Edition bikes will be offered for $13,995 this year. Today’s version will be out of service Q4 2023 May 14 $999.

Source: Tech Cult

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