Currently, Russian Railways uses software solutions from IBM, Oracle and SAP, which, as you know, together with Microsoft stopped their work in Russia, which caused a lot of problems for the domestic monopolist.

In particular, the current Express ticketing system runs on z/Architecture servers from IBM, and, according to experts, transferring it to the x86 architecture will be very problematic.

Other processes in the Russian Railways infrastructure are approximately in the same position – a system for accounting for locomotives, a system for modeling and forecasting passenger flows, as well as infrastructure management.

In total, it is planned to allocate 6.5 billion rubles to the Russian Railways information system, of which 1.85 billion are required to resolve software issues for the Express ticketing system – this will be the most expensive replacement for foreign software.

Russian Railways have problems because of IBM software

It is planned that all the main functions related to the rating will be replaced in Russian Railways.

At the same time, the developer quite predictably belongs to the society VNIIZhT, which is Russian Railways, and Red OS and the Postgres Pro Enterprise DBMS will be used as the basis for the new software, the license for the monopolist is already are available.

Source: Tech Cult

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