In December, a series of new legislative changes came into force in Russia: pre-trial blocking of sites advertising pyramid schemes was introduced, free access to socially important sites was opened, and administrative liability for violation of the rules was introduced. labeling requirements.

Fight against financial pyramids and merchandise labeling: new laws in December

  • Access to socially significant sites it becomes free. The list of such resources will include the websites of state bodies and local governments, state non-budget funds, as well as “Gosuslugi”. Other sites of social importance will be determined by a special government commission.
  • Inserted pretrial blocking of Internet resources advertising pyramid schemes. The work of sites that attract money from users and then disappear can be limited without trial.
  • Since December, in accordance with the Communications Law, own the lines of communicationthat cross the state border of the Russian Federation, only Russian legal entities can do so. In addition, operators are now required to verify the data of corporate subscribers entered by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the Unified Identification and Authentication System.
  • Introduction of administrative liability for infringement requirements for mandatory labeling of goodsincluding medications. For the production, purchase, storage, transportation for the purpose of trading goods using false means of identification, criminal liability is now threatened – up to three years in prison.
  • To expert auditorswho perform mandatory certification work will have special requirements: they must have the knowledge and skills to perform conformity assessment work in a particular area, be included in a special register, and be independent of manufacturers, sellers, contractors, and buyers.
  • To combat false powers, the Federal Chamber of Notaries begins to carry out registration of revocation orders. Anyone can get an extract from the registry.
  • All foreigners entering Russia for more than 90 days must pass registration of fingerprints, photography and medical examination (for HIV infection and other infectious diseases, as well as drug addiction).
  • Banks will no longer be able to include in the loan contract conditions that oblige the borrower to have minimum balance to settle the next payment. In addition, citizens will be able to refuse additional services (legal assistance, consultations, etc.) that were imposed upon concluding a loan or loan contract within 14 days. This “cooling-off period” was previously only valid for insurance, but most of the time it was not possible to refuse non-financial services.
  • The lender will no longer be able to put for the borrower, without his own signature, agree to the terms of the loan.
  • start acting measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions in Russia: your state accounting, setting reduction targets and more.


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Source: RB

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