Finally avatars are coming to WhatsApp: your chats will now be more personalized

It has been known for some time that What’s up? at no cost to all users. avatar (Metaverse stuff) in your account. The truth is, the company has taken this step and now you can use this option in all your chats.

has been himself Mark Zuckerberg who stated that the new WhatsApp option is completely official, and did so in a post on his favorite social network, Facebook. Therefore, the arrival formal and this new addition has the purpose of increasing the fun, increasing privacy while using the messaging app we are talking about, because the avatar can be used as a profile photo and as a result you do not have to put a real or similar photo. .

Avatars on WhatsApp are real

If you are using the latest version of the application, both iOS when it comes Android, you have the possibility to use avatars (note that activation is required from the company’s own servers, this may take a little longer in some regions). The truth is – as it is created quite easily – you will be able to benefit by using the creation that represents you. different options things that are already available, such as different hairstyles, face options, and even clothes. So, it has everything you need to tailor the final result to your personality.

Once creation becomes reality, it is not difficult to use because apart from being able to use it as a profile photo, stickers (or stickers) You will find all the options that exist in WhatsApp and use the creation. right now they at least 36 -a good number to start with-, but the company itself has stated that updates will come continuously with more textures, shadows and other improvements.

Using an avatar on WhatsApp

What’s up?

An advance that many will like

this type of innovation personalize The use of apps is always well received by users and an example of what we have said is what options like Telegram already offer. That’s why WhatsApp is perfectly justified in including avatars in its options, and it’s also in line with what Meta is looking for in the future: Metaverse is a very common option like accessing a web page. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this becomes a reality.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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