Xiaomi’s product line for pets in Brazil is strengthened with the launch of two new products, this Friday (2). The new products can be found in the brand’s stores and kiosks in São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA), Recife (PE) and Curitiba (PR) and on the manufacturer’s website.

One of the premieres Xiaomi smart pet feeder🇧🇷 The device automatically releases the feed by following owner-set schedules, including the correct dosage, which makes it possible to control the pet’s diet 24 hours a day, wherever you are, via the Mi Home and Xiaomi Home apps.

Another highlight of the product is the power cord made of bite-resistant nylon, which prevents your pet from getting hurt if they decide to play with the cord. there is also a battery emergency systema fully enclosed bait storage compartment that activates in the event of a power outage.

Xiaomi smart feeder for pets.

According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for small and medium-sized dogs. smart feeder It has a feed capacity of 1.8 kg and has sensors that warn the trainer when the stock is about to run out. there is a device suggested retail price of BRL 1,199.99🇧🇷

smart pet water dispenser

With the same programming system via the Feeder app, Xiaomi smart pet water dispenser It has a tank with a capacity of 2 liters. The device includes a special circulation system that oxygenates the water and filters out impurities, removing fine particles, fluff and substances that can harm the animal.

Xiaomi smart water fountain for pets.

The trainer can monitor the status of the filters and the quality of the water supplied to the pet, with a mobile phone, and receive alerts to prevent his best friend from becoming thirsty. Another important function is the emergency distribution of some water by the device, which is activated automatically in case of power failure.

HE Xiaomi smart pet water dispenser have suggested retail price of BRL 799.99 in the national market.

Source: Tec Mundo

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