We are in the middle of 2022, the year of technology, and we are still fascinated by the possibilities artificial intelligence has to offer. ball of time applications that produce pictures and art from texts🇧🇷 The most famous of these is DALLE-2, but in this article we will not depart from his notorious right-wing rival, Midjourney.

There are still many users on Google “hunting” images or straining their brains to create logos, vectors, among other things. Now this task can become a little simpler and more intuitive with just a few steps in a command prompt.

But after all, what is Midjouney?

In short, Midjourney is a new text-to-text generator powered by artificial intelligence. The tool works within Discord and works collaboratively. In this way, creations are made available to everyone in the group in which the arts are created.

But in direct comparison with DALLE, which presents images more realistically, Midjourney aims to reproduce based on different art styles.that is, it has a more creative and abstract footprint while its rival seeks fidelity to the interpreted text. Twitter user fabians.eth showed this interesting comparison below:

How does Midjourney work?

To start using it, simply register on the tool’s website. Then accept the invitation emailed to you.

After confirming your address, you start using Midjourney with command prompts from within Discord. But it’s good to know that it may take some time for the AI ​​to fulfill your request, got it? Even more so because it is a beta version.

From there, it’s possible for the user to use Discord Midjourney to share ideas with others or even assist with artistic work.

One of the interesting points is that the tool’s artificial intelligence can present a range of art, allowing the user to choose the image that pleases him the most.

In this example, Roman Yermakov, 3D Artistic Director of the Stepico website, asked Midjourney to create a “gloomy rainy city.” After a while, the tool yielded simply impressive results for him! See below:


Designer Kaveh Najafian has crossed the boundaries between the real and the unreal to create chaise lounges based on Finnish mythology. The results are great! (and a little weird but still pretty good). Look:

 design explosion
 design explosion

Pay for Privacy: Data Security at Midjourney

What is an advantage for some, may be a problem for others. Despite setting aside privacy and allowing art to be consulted with other users, the user buy private subscription To use Midjourney via private messaging mode.

Thus, it is possible for the subscriber to lose his head without being embarrassed by other users on the platform. So, did you like the tool? Enter our social networks and leave your comment on the topic!

Source: Tec Mundo

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