Previously, due to the restriction of drug use, that alcohol is the most appropriate among narcotic drugs. However, a recent study showed that the focus of the younger generation has shifted. Young people are now increasingly turning to cannabis. This makes doctors and scientists worry about the future of the country.

So glass, harvested in 2000, marijuana consumption has shown since the moment when the growth of 245%. At the same time, a decrease in the frequency of cases of alcohol consumption by adolescents was recorded. Information was collected on the basis of detection of phone calls when help was required for infection. Alcohol in the list of causes of poisoning dropped to third place.

The main reason for causing the change is that cannabis has become more common than before. In 19 US states, its use is officially allowed. And this only applies to recreational consumption, teenagers and young adults can extract it significantly, pron. Also, over the past 10 years in the United States, there has been an increase in poisoning as a result of the use of medicines, food poisoning and narcotic substances.

Fatalities are present, most commonly with opioid consumption. Sometimes speech does not stop. The danger of the formation of such states is that euphoria does not come immediately, but after some time has passed. Teenagers, not feeling the desired effect, pump themselves up with cannabis, not instead of having fun. poisoning.

Source: Tech Cult

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