The so-called “Bitcoin pharaoh” Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, who was arrested during the Federal Police operation in August last year, continues to be featured on social media with his pharaoh actions. After getting 37,000 federal parliamentary votes in the last election, even in jail, The former pastor sued the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (Iurd) in September.🇧🇷

In the action organized by the newspaper World had access, entrepreneurial demands refund of R$72.3 million donated to the church For himself and his infamous company GAS in 2020 and 2021. In the reasons for the case for annulment of donation, which is being processed by the 1st Civil Court of the Cabo Frio Jurisdiction, Glaidson declares that Iurd has shown “ingratitude” as it casts doubt on the “legal” source of the sources.

The former pastor explains that as a believer he learned to “respect and admire” Iurd. His mother allegedly raised him in a religious environment, and as an adult he began volunteering “by doing missionary work in and out of Brazil.” Then, when you achieve “professional success”decided to donate.

Why is the “Bitcoin Pharaoh” asking for his donations back?

Glaidson’s lawyer, David Augusto Cardoso de Figueiredo, criticized the use of cryptocurrencies in the case, listing some lines from the main religion of the Universal Church, Carioca newspaper reported on Wednesday (30). Iürd’s leader, Bishop Edir Macedo, even hinted that anyone who trades cryptoassets has “a relationship with the devil.”

Despite the supposedly malicious financial resources, the press office of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God limited itself to reporting to the newspaper. World everything that he has to declare on the subject is included in the note he published on 30.8.2021, “warning the authorities and the public”, about the dubious financial pyramid🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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